LidOO & WidOO are two eye characters (twins) that takes you on educational adventures through the imagination of their eyes. At the blink of their eyes in each adventure they create a fun and exciting environment through storytelling, fun games, parties and music.

While attending daycare they met five friends who they call the Attachables. The Attachables are five funny corky characters; Bimmie, Jimmie, Kimmie, Emmie and Zimmie. They are the dream team that helps LidOO and WidOO in every imaginary adventure they take.

Over the course of their adventure they educate, have fun and make many more friends along the way.

Hover over a character’s beacon to learn more about them.

Lorraine Moore

Lorraine ( Butler ) Moore was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her education background is in early childhood, which she has been in that field for quite sometime. Ms. Lorraine has this magical way of putting smiles on children face through lots of hugs, dancing, singing, and Being creative in how children learn through play. Ms. Lorraine decided to open a New family childcare center in 2010 where she could be more creative in her teaching methods. During that time of everything coming together as a business owner/provider, she decided to bring along some very special friends that would help her on an adventure through her magical world of learning. LidOO and WOOdo was originally birth in 2007 as an idea to create a children’s clothing line called “LidOO WOOdo’s World”. During that time frame she began giving herself sewing lessons while creating beautiful pieces for her clothing line.

In December of 2010, Lorraine decided to write a children’s book called “ LidOO WOOdo’s Goes to Daycare”, which was launched in 2012. In 2016 the girl character WOOdo name was changed to WidOO, Lorraine thought the names should look similar so she made that change.

Lorraine wanted to find these two quirky eye twin characters LidOO & WidOO a home so she invited them into her magical world of learning and wrote a book about their daycare experience. Lorraine thought it would be great to bring some other friends to the story, so she created five more quirky friends, a hand, mouth, ear, foot, and nose , they’re called “ The Attachables “. Lorraine has also written two other books “ LidOO WidOO in the A, B, See Adventure “ & “ LidOO WidOO And the Attachables in Healthy Habits “.

Lorraine has decided to steer these quirky characters on many magical learning adventures. The imagination of children in their early stages of learning is vital and these characters are ready for the challenge. LidOO WidOO’s World is a learning station for children to grow through books, songs, dancing, playing, and imaging. Lorraine’s main objective is to make learning fun.

Lorraine is also a song writer. She believes singing is a powerful learning tool. Music is soothing, loud, entertaining, fun, exciting, and it takes a child mind to imaginary places. She believes that music helps children learn quick and easy. Lorraine wrote a theme song “ Imagine with Us “, it was written because LidOO and WidOO wanted to take children into the imaginary world of learning through the imagination of their giant eyes. “ Come and See and Imagine with Us”.